Document Type : Original Article


1 Ph. D. Student of Sport Management, Teharn North Branch, Islamic Azad University, ‎Tehran, Iran

2 Professor, of Sport Management, payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran

3 Professor of Sport Management, Islamic Azad University of Science and Research Branch, Department of Physical Education, Tehran

4 Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Science and ‎Research ‎Branch, Islamic Azad ‎University, Tehran, Iran‎


This study aimed to investigate Identification and Model of e-Business in Iranian Sport Tourism. ‎‎the research method was derived from grounded theory for explaining and analyzing findings ‎‎from exploratory interviews. The study population was the Professors, top startup managers in ‎the ‎field of tourism and managers of Iran sports tourism association, touring & automobile club ‎of the Iran, IFTGA, and electronic business ‎expert’s ministry of cultural heritage, handicrafts ‎and tourism. The sampling method was a ‎combination ‎of purposeful sampling and snowball. ‎The ‎research tool included an open source ‎‎interview. In the data analysis phase, the ‎content ‎analysis and counts of the themes ‎were employed ‎in open, axial and selective ‎coding stages‎. ‎Referring to the literature and exploration, ‎ e-Business in ‎Iranian sport tourism as a pivotal ‎‎phenomenon‎. Results showed that e-Business in Iranian sport ‎tourism ‎is multi-faceted ‎conception that has a set of context ‎conditions, intervening conditions, ‎features, and capabilities, ‎causal conditions‏‎, strategies and consequences ‎and in today's world, if E-‎business sports tourism ‎will not succeed if they are not equipped with this skill. Therefore unified ‎process, development ‎Information communication technology infrastructure, support and provision ‎of necessary ‎grounds by the government, educating citizens, e-business use of technology, ‎coordination and ‎interaction with customers and stakeholders and the development of culture, the ‎use of e-‎business in the field of sports tourism, they can help in the development and codification ‎of ‎‏ ‏e-‎business and sports tourism