Goals and Vision


The Quarterly Journal of Strategic Studies of Sports and Youth is a scientific-research journal that publishes scientific-research articles in the field of youth and sports with specific goals and aims and is going to become the best journal among domestic scientific and research publications in the field of physical education in the future. It also tries to become an international publication in the Middle East region through being published in two languages ​​(English and Farsi).



  • Dissemination of the new research findings in order to expand the boundaries of knowledge
  • Transferring the experts’ theoretical and practical achievements in order to exchange learning and experiences based on valid research methods in the field of sports sciences and youth issues
  • Creating and developing an interactive network between researchers and scientific-research centers
  • Helping to improve the level of scientific knowledge and research in various fields of sports science and institutionalizing research in the country
  • Attempt to meet the scientific and research needs of the country
  • Helping to find and solve scientific problems in the field of sports and youth
  • Trying to enter and join international databases
  • Establishing communication between Iranian and international experts and researchers
  • Creating the spirit and motivation of research among students, teachers and professors in the specialized field of the journal


Subject area:

The Quarterly Journal of Strategic Studies of Sports and Youth is published as a quarterly and will assign the priority of evaluation, judging and publishing to articles that include the results of fundamental, applied and developmental researches in the field of sports and youth.